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Metal Etching Production Processes

Time:2024-03-25 Views:113
Metal Etching Production Processes

How metal etching is done?

Below is the production process for your reference.

1.To layout your drawings by CAD to the size of metal to be etched and make a photo film accordingly.

2.To cut the metal material to the right size to be etched.

3.To chemically clean the metal sheet to ensure that it is free from potential contaminants

4.To coat the sheet with a film that is resistant to the chemical etchant called ‘photoresist’

5.To dry the sheet with photoresist by baking.

6.To put the ready photo film at step 1 on the sheet with photoresist dried exposed to UV light. The area that is not covered by the etched pattern is activated by the UV light and this will prevent the acid etching the material in this area

7.To remove the unexposed photoresist, leaving uncovered areas which will be etched by the acid

8.Developed material goes through the etching process where it is sprayed with the chemical etchant to etch the required pattern into the metal

9.QC after etching and cleaning the etched sheet.

10.Packing the etched products to arrange delivery.

If you need any metal etched products, just feel free to contact us.

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