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Industry Info

Popular Metal Business Cards

Time:2023-12-30 Views:263
Popular Metal Business Cards

Every metal business card is customed to be unique, but there are some popular metal business cards that we are doing for our many customers, which are helping them to get better first impression or helping to keep a better membership relation. Among so many impressive metal business cards, if you are hesitated to confirm your own when you are going to try metal business card for the first time, you can refer to these popular cards for inspiration. 

If your company logo color is gradients, a full color metal business card will work with you.

Your gradients color logo can be digitally printed directly on stainless steel(stainless steel business card), aluminum(aluminum business card), copper(copper business card), or brass(brass business card) etc metal cards, or you can print it on metal cards with your favorite color printed, anodized or electro-plated as background.

(Full color printing on brushed stainless steel)

(Full color printing on black plated metal card)

Of course you can have it on Gold, Silvery, Rose Gold, Gun Metal. White, Red, Blue, Green or Iridescent etc color metal cards. 

If your logo color is solid, Screen printing or laser engraving/printing are OK for your metal business card.

And you can add the feature of Hollow Etching or Cutout for your card.
(Hollow Etching + Screen Printing)

(Cutout + Screen Printing on Blue Plated Metal Card, more colors available)

(Gun Metal Business Card + Laser Engraving/Printing)

(Gold Membership Card + Mirror Finish)

(Gold Card + Printed Texture)

(Gold Card + Velvet Finish with soft touch feeling)

(Screen Printing + Bottle Opener, Good for Company Marketing Gift)

More metal business card, welcome to visit the GALLERY on our website: www.etchour.com